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Andy Liu has a global perspective on fashion. 


Born in Asia, educated in Paris and New York, and professionally trained in Europe, Liu’s design career began at  some of the most prestigious Parisian houses—Lanvin, Hermès, and Christian Lacroix. Each experience shaped his unique creative vision and sensibility for quality craftsmanship. 


Liu applies his design philosophy to always find the perfect balance among fashion, form and functionality for the different markets he serves.  He is always looking to future directions in design and believes in interdisciplinary partnership as a way to bring better solutions and new creative expression. 

An educator at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Liu actively engages with scientists to improve the value chain and disrupt fashion as we know it, such as through the use of AI and automated manufacturing solutions.  Liu passionately explores progressive techniques to move fashion forward.  His work examines the functionality of fibers to advance garment construction through the use of smart materials and design configuration.

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