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Liu mentors students in exploring interdisciplinary projects to drive the fashion industry into the future.  Project topics include 3D printing, advanced knitting, integration of smart materials into new product concepts, & the development of new tools to inform design decisions & innovate non-traditional business models.

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An exploration of AI's capacity to inform design decisions & improve marketing & supply chain strategies. The three-way collaboration among IBM Watson, Dtech (design & tech Lab established by FIT & Infor), & FIT was promoted at The National Retail Federation (NRF) show in New York 2018.

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Developed in collaboration with AFFOA (Advanced Functional Fibers of America), MIT, FIT & industry partners,  this workshop provides design and science students the opportunity to work in teams to find relevant applications for emerging advanced fibers & materials through scalable product concepts.   Interdisciplinary student teams are supported by lectures, guided discoveries, & educational materials to help them solve the challenge.  The team proposals are evaluated by industry partners at the end of workshop.

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A collaboration between FIT, Neue, POC Sport, & BACK to create fashion products controlled via programmable apps on WiFi-enabled smartphones and integrated hardware. The idea was to create a new fashion business model that allowed for products to be renewable based on upgrade and/or subscription.

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